the blogger

Hello, book lovers! My name is Nikka, I’m 22, born and raised in the Philippines. I’m a university graduate, a feminist, and a believer. I don’t know where life’s going to take me next, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see 😉

My favorite genre is mystery/thriller. I’m more of a stand-alone girl; I prefer contemporary/realistic fiction over anything else and lately, I noticed that I’ve been shying away from YA and leaning more on general fiction. This doesn’t mean I’m abandoning YA, though!

Aside from books, I have very strong feelings towards film, fashion, and music. I guess you could say I love art.

the blog

I decided to create this blog because I don’t ever want to stop talking about books! I want to expand my audience, help my co-readers find their next favorite reads, and support authors in promoting their books.

This blog is set to be a home for book reviews, author interviews, weekly features, tags, promotions, and all things books!

To know more about me and the blog, click here.

I hope you enjoy Paper & Trees as much as I enjoyed making it.