My Book Got Lost in Transit!


Nothing is worse than believing you own something, only to have it snatched away from you.

Whoops. That sounded deeper than I intended to! But really, this whole thing was so heartbreaking.

On April 12th, the Chicken House editions of The Death Cure and The Kill Order by James Dashner from Book Depository were finally dispatched.
I’ve been eyeing this edition for years now, but it’s not available where I’m from. So when I saw that they’re both on sale, I immediately purchased them without hesitating.

You know Book Depository, they offer free shipping worldwide and ship each book separately.

So after 3 weeks, when my copy of The Death Cure and even another book I purchased from them later than April 12 arrived, I was feeling panicky. You know, I JUST WANT MY BOOK RIGHT HERE IN MY ARMS WHERE IT BELONGS!!

On May 12th, exactly one month after, I decided to contact and told them my concern.To my surprise, they responded within the day! They said that, unfortunately, my book got lost in transit so they’ll send me another copy. I was bummed that I have to wait a few more days for the book to be dispatched and another 7-10 days for delivery, but I was grateful all the same.

Kill-Order-Classic-669x1024-669x1024Six days later, they emailed me that they could no longer send me the replacement copy of The Kill Order because of its availability, but would refund me instead. Call me over reacting, but I was heartbroken! I’ve been dying for this edition, and now it’s all gone. Well, not really gone, but I’D HAVE TO PAY FULL PRICE NEXT TIME IT’S AVAILABLE!!!

After 2 days, I got my money back.

The book is out of stock on Book Depository so I’d have to wait until it becomes available again. Otherwise, I’d have to make a special order thru my local bookstore, but that would only mean more expenses.

I would just like to commend Book Depository for their incredible customer service. The representative I’ve been talking to was so nice and responds within a few hours!


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