January Wrap Up

Hi, book lovers!

First week of February is almost over, but here’s a quick post to let you know how little my progress is in connection with books during the month of January… ha.

There’s so much I want to read but college, my internship, and my dissertation is always getting in the way. I don’t blog as often as I used to, I don’t read as much as I used to. Squeezing in some reading is difficult because I always end up drifting off to sleep. But I did try my hardest and finished 3 books!


The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

I usually end up not enjoying hyped books. Because this one was incredibly praised when it was released, I decided to expect less from it, and damn was I surprised! It was very fun to read (that’s kind of weird to say about a thriller, eh?). ! I really enjoyed reading it and I believe I flew through the pages, lol. It was so exciting trying to figure out what’s going to happen next, as the three narrators were extremely unreliable. It was very film-like, I think Hawkins was writing this with a film in mind.

Heart of Miracles – Karen Henson Jones

This was the first nonfiction book I read and I’m really glad it was. You’ve probably seen it from my other social media accounts, but again, this is the story of Karen after a cardiac event almost took her life. See my full review here. I also had the opportunity to interview the author – read here.

Never Never: Part Three – Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher

One word: DISAPPOINTMENT. I had too much hope for this last installment especially because I enjoyed the first two. Now that I think of the whole series, I realise I only liked it because the mystery kept me hooked and I was waiting for something to blow my mind, but. . . I’m not going to say much so as not to spoil anyone, but damn. If I could give this 0/5, I TOTALLY WOULD.

(Now that I listed them down, I realise Never Never is only a novella. That makes it 2 books and a novella then!)


Everything I Never Told You – Celeste Ng
The Old Man and the Sea -Ernest Hemingway
Heart of Miracles – Karen Henson Jones
The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho (not pictured)

For someone who claims to be on a book buying ban, I think I did alright!




☑ A book that’s becoming a movie this year – The Girl on the Train

☑ A book you can finish in a day – Never Never: Part Three

Thanks for dropping by! This is the first time I’m doing this little wrap-up, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it.

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