ROADS Classics: Elegance & Escapism


ROADS Publishing is a high-end publisher of illustrated books specialising in art, design, culture and fashion, together with designer classics and luxury special editions. ROADS is unique in modern publishing: it combines elegance and escapism with a truly forward-thinking world view and a focus on innovation. Working with the best international artists, curators and designers, ROADS creates books that are collectable and timeless works of art.

I couldn’t help myself from oohing and aahing over these beautiful editions of classics!
If you want to get to the part where I tell you where you can buy yourself, your friend, your lover, or anyone, a copy, click here.
If you need any more reasons to get your hands on these editions, keep reading because I’m just about to convince you! Here are some of the reasons why you need ROADS Classics in your life:

  1. The cover designs are epic! Very creative and carefully thought-through.  
  2. LOOK AT THOSE SPINES. Imagine these books sitting on your shelf. Now, do you see what I meant when I said “epic” designs? Freaking pastel colours. 
  3. You could use them as home ~aesthetics~. Seeing just how beautiful these books look from afar and up-close, you could put them anywhere in your house and no one would care. Your guests can stare all they want, but they can’t have your classics.

    Alright, maybe they can.

  4. The back covers? Quotes. 
  5. These are classicsDon’t we all love classics?  

    Good-looking classics.

I received the three books featured on my header — The Great Gatsby, The Scarlet Letter, and The Picture of Dorian Gray  from ROADS a few months back, and I’m very grateful to be given this opportunity. What a delight to receive these from across the seas! Thank you again for sending them my way.

From their modern and elegant cover designs to the paper material — ROADS Publishing is one to watch out for.

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